Ensuring a safe and sound working environment should be the ultimate goal for all responsible employers! With this in mind we have curated a program enabling employers to achieve this goal.

The program emphasizes on personal and professional development of the participants, where our experienced Switchgear specialist will guide the participants through different situations and how to tackle them skillfully. During this two days program they will slowly but surely build up their skills to ensure their colleagues and themselves a safe and healthy working environment. Safe working environment should not be a luxury, it should be a goal shared among companies globally!


  • Electrical Managers/Engineers
  • Maintenance for Personnel
  • Heads of plant Engineering
  • Heads of Technical Services
  • Chief Electricians
  • Operation Managers
  • Distribution Engineers
  • Instrumentation and Design
  • Engineers
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Plant Electricians
  • Senior Technical Supervisors
  • Asset Managers
  • Project Managers


  • Mechanical theory of switchgear
  • Correct application methods and ensuring a longer life span on your MV & HV switchgear
  • Correct CB by implementing a “specification & requirement” list
  • Effective testing methods implementation
  • Application, installation, maintenance and testing issues related to switchgear
  • Issues associated with switchgear equipment and safety
  • Diagnostic tools that aid the planning maintenance
  • Changing requirements placed on the system with increasing load and fault levels
  • Short Circuit Current and Electrical Arc Interruptions
  • Internal Arc Testing & Classification Standard for Internal Arc Testing & Classification
  • MV Switch fear Standards Rated for Arc flash
  • Auto Reclosing & Switchgear Ancillaries
  • Drive systems & Switchgear Ancillaries
  • Drive systems for greater productivity & energy efficiency
  • Asset management- Switchgear
  • High voltage safety operating procedures




Mr. John Greyling has vast expertise as Switchgear Specialist & Director, Hevilex Circuit Breaker Specialist (Transmission & Distribution).

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