With this program participants will have the opportunity to develop and refine some of the essential management skills needed to strengthen present day performance and build successful results for the future.

This two-day workshop is designed to show you how to use the power of perception and Perception Profiling as a tool to enhance business performance, build trust, manage conflict and drive change. This training is unique – there is nothing else like this available in the world today.

All delegates will undertake the scientifically based and verified Perceptual Perception Profiling Assessment prior to the start of the course. This takes less than 15 minutes and will result in the production of a personalized 16-page Perception Profile Report for each individual. They will each be given the opportunity to have a 40 minute debrief Skype call with an experienced Perception Profiling Practitioner to answer any questions or explore ideas after the course.

No prior knowledge of perception theory is required; however, delegates will enjoy an engaging and fully interactive course packed with cognitive and kinetic exercises designed to deliver a challenging subject with the focus on innovation and fun! We don’t believe in lengthy lectures and keeping people confined to chairs. We will offer high challenge with great support.

Delegates will be provided with a range of quality training materials including a Perception Toolkit to take away and use in their own work and personal lives and opportunities to continue getting the most from their new found Perception Superpowers. The course will be delivered by an energetic professional trainer with a proven track record in nurturing creativity and excellence who loves working with people to transform average businesses into exceptional businesses.


  • Learn how harnessing the power of perception can transform your thinking and your  business
  • Explore the reasons why we all see the world differently and learn how we can arrive at a better understanding of events and challenges
  • Discover how Perception Profiling can enhance your personal and team development
  • Identify personal and organizational Perception Superpowers and how to use them for your benefit
  • Discover specialist reflective tools to enhance your own and others’ performance
  • Be able to manage and lead people more effectively by understanding, respecting and including their perceptions of the world
  • Understand your emotional relationship with time and how that is different for different people
  • Learn the language of perception for better communication, increased trust and advanced emotional intelligence
  • Learn how to transform your response to adverse events and manage conflict more effectively
  • Become more conscious of the perceptions of self and others in order to drive change in teams and organizations


  • A working knowledge of the powerful process of perception
  • A detailed understanding of their own perception filters and how these can be used to enhance their cognitive, interpersonal and professional skills
  • A new found confidence in their ability to challenge their own and other people’s limiting assumptions and perceptions
  • A vocabulary to enable more effective communication around perception and bias
  • Experience of how understanding their perceptions can improve their ability to read ANY situation
  • The ability to process situations together with others using perception theory to arrive at a shared Best Common Truth©
  • A ‘Foundation Perception Toolkit’ to help build better relationships using questions, feedback and reflection.
  • Advanced training in how to get their team using the language of perception and the Common Truth Model© in their day-to-day activities and interactions
  • A framework for checking and challenging their own perceptions when undertaking appraisals with team members
  • The language and ability to challenge team members in a non-confrontational way regarding their perceptions of any situation
  • Greater clarity and confidence in their communication with anybody who needs to ‘get the message’
  • An approach that allows them to help teams become unstuck when they aren’t delivering because of perceived conflict
  • Insight into creating a team with diverse perceptual skills who get the best possible use of those skills when working for them
  • An advanced Perception Toolkit to enhance leadership skills using questions, feedback and reflection.




In the last 20 years Christina has focused in the areas of Personal and Professional Growth and Development, Corporate Training and Coaching, and Human Resources Consulting.

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