With this program participants will have the opportunity to develop and refine some of the essential management skills needed to strengthen present day performance and build successful results for the future.

First time managers face so many expectations are expected to perform greatly right from day one – and most people walk into management unaware of the full nature of the role they have been landed – either by their own choice or by the choice of others.

Participants will be able to know precisely their role and the critical part that emotional intelligence plays in performing their role. They will gain a better understanding of change and how to manage responses to change which forms a major part of any manager ‘s agenda in today ‘s business world.

Insights into the importance of excellent communication skills and knowledge of their own style of communication will help those who attend adapt to the styles of others in managing people more effectively, and know how to provide effective feedback that is crucial to develop performance.

The sessions in this program equip the new and emerging manager with the fundamentals that are involved in understanding difficult behaviors in the workplace and strategies to resolve conflict in a constructive way. Attendees will also learn how to delegate so that there is more time to provide quality management. Furthermore, the sessions explain cohesive and productive teams and teamwork, and ways to develop high performance.


  • Explain their role and responsibilities as a manager and team leader
  • Provide clear and engaging direction to their team members
  • Know different styles of communication and how to adapt their communication style to create understanding and rapport with others
  • Understand the essential components to Emotional Intelligence and its contribution
  • Be more knowledgeable about managing ourselves and emotions
  • Identify strategies for helping team members cope with their potential responses to change in the workplace
  • Recognize the characteristics of high performing teams and identify ways to engender effective team working
  • Identify and practice techniques for managing difficult behavior in the workplace
  • Give feedback to team members on their performance
  • Have better time management skills through understanding importance of delegation
  • Delegate tasks to team members in an engaging and supportive manner
  • Act and manage teams with more confidence


  • Audience involvement with sharing/discussion of viewpoints
  • Facilitator and instructor-led discussion
  • Content is 20% theory, 80% experiential-based
  • Case studies and Assignments – individual and group basis
  • Video Clips – TED Talks and others
  • Observation/demonstration/practice
  • Individual reflection and contemplation
  • Interacting and working within a pair or group
  • Giving of feedback
  • Practical/tactile activities
  • Use of positive affirmations. action planning
  • Self-assessments – personality and soft skills based
  • Empower Every Person Growing Individual and Organizational Prosperity for Positive Change




In the last 20 years Christina has focused in the areas of Personal and Professional Growth and Development, Corporate Training and Coaching, and Human Resources Consulting.

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