Dr Lindsay R. Dodd

With many years of business knowledge and industry expertise, Dr Dodd will increase your company’s performance from advising on ways to re-structure departments, explore new marketing strategies, accelerate sales and portability … through to expanding into new markets or product lines. No matter what the issue or your area of need, with the valuable advice and insights from Dr Dodd’s experience, your company will become more efficient and effective accelerating performance and growth.
Dr Dodd heads an organization – Australian Pan Asian Consultants (APAC) – that has worked successfully with clients based in Asia Pacific, Australasia and internationally, servicing commercial businesses, multi-nationals and SMEs, the public sector, universities, colleges, not for profit companies, social enterprises and charities. His clients are varied. Some are large and some are small, but they all have one thing in common – a desire to succeed!

“ At APAC We Help Clients Grow Their Businesses
and Operate at Maximum Efficiency ”

  • We make a real difference by applying many years of cross-sector experience and harnessing proven knowledge management systems, tools and methodologies.
  • We work in close partnership – quickly understanding what makes a business tick and identifying ways to improve performance and achieve excellence.
  • Dependent upon the nature of the project – we support clients to develop new strategies, win new funding, re-engineer services, access new markets and achieve optimum business efficiency.
  • We support operational changes that may be necessary to take a business to the next level. Deliverables and methodology are identified at an early stage and correlated to growth in the business. That way, clients know precisely what we will deliver and when.
  • Our recommendations could see organizational change – for example changes to team structures, reporting lines and core tasks and may involve either recruitment or downsizing in certain areas of the business. If this is the case, we have expert people available who will guide our clients through the best course of action to achieve positive change.
  • Once a plan of action has been agreed, we will get on with delivery of our role – whether leading on business planning, strategic development, change, or providing business training or tender consultancy.
  • When working on a long-term project, we meet regularly to communicate progress and discuss on-going recommendations.

Business Growth Services

Business Diagnostic Services

We start with a market appraisal, confirming business growth options and specific barriers to growth and then move on to a detailed functional review of finance, HR, sales, marketing and operations.
Our business consultant then produces a highly focused Growth Action Plan which breaks through barriers and drives growth in revenues and profitability. This is presented to the client’s Senior Team for approval and we are then on-hand (if required) to support implementation of the Plan.

Business Strategy Services

Our Business Accelerator Program drives growth in client business through adoption of new business strategies. The outcome is a strong, well-considered strategic plan. This will support you to understand current market position of your business, to put in place organizational targets and, most importantly, be clear on how to achieve those targets.
Our Business Accelerator Program closely examines organizational fitness, leadership, planning, customer focus, operations, finance, sales, business innovation, marketing and procurement.

Change Management

We work with our clients to achieve the benefits of change – whether driven through extraordinary growth opportunities, market alignment, investor, merger, acquisition or downsizing. During transition, we are on hand to assess, manage and advise on the infrastructure and systems required for successful business transformation.
We are experts in performance driven change, human capital management, organizational design, communication and project planning.


Our business growth services of sales consultancy, sales mentoring and sales training services focus on systems (including sales pipeline), processes, people and their alignment to achieving results – with people factors covering areas such as sales personalities, building rapport, values and building credibility.


We deliver marketing services which contribute to increased revenue and profitability – from preparation of comprehensive marketing strategies to corporate brochures and marketing literature, scripting of websites and preparing targeted prospect letters and follow-up processes.

Business Mentor Services

We help implement new business strategies, plan for the future and achieve business growth. Our Business Mentors are professional, highly experienced people who have a comprehensive understanding of best practice in business and how this translates to success. They provide clients with cost-effective, accessible professional resources which make a real difference.

Business Planning Services

We support clients to put strong plans in place, achieve financial goals and address critical milestones, deliverables and resource requirements.

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